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Hot Topic Resources
These latest scholarly articles on these hot topics are available in full text to any Edmonton Public Library user through Academic Search Elite database or other databases as specified in the list of the articles.


To read the full text of the articles that are of interest to you, you would have to do the following:

1. Go to Edmonton Public Library web site.
2. Under Licensed Databases click on Academic Search Elite Database or any other database.
3. You will be prompted to type in your library barcode number and your PIN to access the database.
4. Copy and paste the exact title of the article you would like to read into the database search box in quotation marks.
5. Click on the full text icon to read an article.


  • Being Lesbian
    Web Sites
    So What Is It Like To Be Lesbian?

    Leisure, Narratives and the Construction of Identity Among Lesbian, Gay & Bisexual Youth

    Me/No Lesbian: the Trouble with 'Troubling Lesbian Identities'

    Being Lesbian in India

    The Woman Who Dared To Demand a Niche in Creation


  • Lesbian Health
    Web Sites
    Lesbian Health Research Center: University of California center for lesbian health issues, research, information and events.

    Lesbian Health Tip Sheet for Health Care Providers from Health Canada

    Gay & Lesbian Health Problems Links

    Staying Well Together: Social Support and Well-Being Among Lesbian Couples in Manitoba


  • Gay Gene
    Web Sites

    Gay Gene" Critique Links

    The Gay Gene: Guest Columnist

    The Mystique of the Phantom "Gay Gene"

    Gay Genes and Soya Beans


  • Coming Out
    Web Sites

    Human Rights Campaign from Wikipedia

    GLBT Identity Formation & Coming Out

    Coming Out Stories Gallery - All Stories

    Coming Out: FAQ

    Coming Out: Isnít Once Enough?


  • Faces of Homophobia
    Web Sites

    Faces of Homophobia

    The Homophobic Imagination

    National Day Against Homophobia

    Video Resources on Homophobia & Heterosexism


  • Homosexuality - Gift or Curse?
    Web Sites

    Towards Equality for Lesbians and Gays in Europe: 24 Ideas for European Commission-led Initiatives

    The Social Situation Facing Gays in Japan

    Annotated Bibliography: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Sexuality and Related Issues

    The Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network (GLSEN).

    Lists of Famous Homosexuals


  • Homosexuality and Science
    Web Sites
    These are books that you can take from the University of Alberta Library. To borrow these books you would need either an University of Alberta library card or The Alberta Library Card, which you can obtain from your community library for free.

    Homosexuality and Science: Biology and the Social Sciences

    Homosexuality and Medical science: from Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia

    Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender & Queer Info-Site

    Homosexuality and Science: a Scientific Look at Sexual orientation

    Category: Sexual Orientation and Science: from Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia


  • Alfred Kinsey and the Homosexual Revolution
    Web Sites

    Kinsey and the Homosexual Revolution

    Kinsey's Heterosexual-Homosexual Rating Scale

    Data From Alfred Kinsey's Studies

    Alfred Kinsey: from Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia

    Homosexuality: Revolution in Ruins


  • Gay Families
    Web Sites

    Your Source for Books for Your LGBT Family

    Gay Family Options

    Books and Articles on Lesbian and Gay Parenting from American Psychological Association

    The Lesbian and Gay Child Care Task Force Report on Quality Child Care


  • Gender Identity Disorder
    Web Sites

    Gender Identity Disorder Clinical Resources

    Gender Identity Disorder Patient/Family Resources

    Gender Identity Disorders and Sexual Disfunction

    Anne Serene's Trans Reference Site

    The Standards of Care for Gender Identity Disorders (Fifth Version) by Harry Benjamin International gender Disphoria Association's

    Gender Identity Disorder


  • Same Sex Marriage
    Web Sites

    Same-Sex Marriage: A Selective Bibliography of the Legal Literature

    Chronology: Same-Sex Marriage in Canada

    Reference to the Supreme Court of Canada

    INDEPTH: SAME-SEX RIGHTS The Supreme Court and same-sex marriage

    Marriage and Legal Recognition of Same-sex Unions

  • Homosexuality and Christianity
    Web Sites

    These are books that you can take from the University of Alberta Library. To borrow these books you would need either an University of Alberta library card or The Alberta Library Card, which you can obtain from your community library for free.

    To find out a call number for a book from this list, you would need to copy a title of the book into the University of Alberta Library catalogue. Do not forget to choose "title" in "in" search box.

    Christian Resources about Homosexuality and AIDS

    Homosexuality, Christianity and Gay Marriage from Murray State University Libraries

    MennoLink Discussion of Homosexuality, 1994-1995


    Homosexuality and the Bible: A Case Study in the Use of the Bible for Ethics



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